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  • Year of set up- 2003
  • Under Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour
  • Situated in Semi-Urban area
  • Focus Area: Medium upland & Low land

  • Mandates of KVK

    Technology, Assessment and demonstration for its application and capacity development.

    To fulfil these mandates and based on identified thrust area the Kendra has undertaken the following activities:

  • On farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming system.
  • Front line demonstration to establish the production potentials on the farmers’ field.
  • Training of farmers to update their knowledge and skill in modern agricultural technologies and training of extension personnel to orient them in the frontier areas of technology development.
  • To work as resource and knowledge centre of agricultural technology for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sectors for improving the agricultural economy of the district.

    Agro climatic zone and jurisdiction (District/State Boundaries)

  • Climate:North East Alluvial Plain. The Climate of this district is sub-tropical can be classified as humid to sub humid.
  • Traditional crops:Rice based Farming system, Paddy –wheat-moong, paddy-Maize-Jute, paddy-maize-summer vegetables, paddy-maize-summer moong.
  • Cropping system/situation:Rice based Farming system, Paddy –wheat-moong, paddy-Maize-Jute, paddy-maize- summer vegetables, paddy-maize-summer moong.
  • Any other:Three type of topography occur in the district such as upland medium, low land and chaur.
  • The soil of upland is generally loamy sand to sandy loam silt loam to silt clay loam soils Occur in medium upland, low land and chaur.

    Major Activities Undertaken

  • On Farm Testing to assess the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.
  • Frontline Demonstrations to establish production potential of technologies on the farmer’s field.
  • Capacity development of farmers and extension personnel to update their knowledge and skills on modern agricultural technologies.
  • To work as knowledge and Resource centre of agricultural technologies for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector in improving the agricultural economy of the district.
  • Provide farm advisories using ICT and other media means on varied subjects of interest to farmers.
  • Data documentation, characterization and strategic planning of farming practices.

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    Director's Message

    Meet the Scientists

    सफलतम कहानी

    Brief description of the farm/ enterprise :

    Sri Shanbhu sharan Bhartiya, a small but smart farmer of his koshi region having 1.80 acre own and 0.07 acre on leased land in very much interested in farm intensification through adoption of addative intercropping like lobia/chillies in satwar, paddy in Khas and kashturi bhindi & vegetables in kalmegh medicinal crops, crop diversification and adopting modern technology.

    He had been engaged in production & management of medicinal & aromatic plants such as approximately 105 kinds of medicinal & aromatic planting material maintained in his nursery & selling their planting material from 2005 to 2007. Further, he started commercial cultivation of satawar, khas,kalmegh & kasturi Bhindi(Musakdana) medicinal crops having satawar+lobia/chillies(1:1), khas+paddy cv. Rajendra Bhagwati & kalmegh+kasturi Bhindi & seasonal vegetable as intercropping also.

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